Anniversary Trip to Stockholm

Every year Mrs Mjollnir and I try to get away somewhere to celebrate our wedding anniversary and this year was no exception.  On our anniversary day we caught a fairly early flight to Stockholm in Sweden.  Mrs Mjollnir has been to Sweden many times before but never to the capital city and it was my first time in the country.  We didn’t do much in the way of research before we went so we were very impressed with our first visit to the Nordic countries largest city.  The city is built on 14 islands at the mouth of Lake Mäleren and has a population of almost 900,000 within the municipality and over 2 million in the metro area.

We stayed on a boat by the Skeppsbron quay just a stone’s throw from the huge Royal Palace and right in the heart of the Gamla Stan (Old Town) area.  The old town has many narrow streets and is filled with craft shops, restaurants and bars and the areas around the old town contain many grand buildings, lovely bridges and wide boulevards making central Stockholm a charming place to visit.

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19 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip to Stockholm

  1. I absolutely loved Stockholm when I visited a few years ago and I recognise several places in these photos 🙂 I actually stayed in the hostel you mentioned that’s housed in the old ship! Truthfully, they were out of rooms on the actual ship so I was in the building next to the ship but still, pretty close! 😉


    1. We thought it was very reasonable but then Norway is more or less the most expensive place on the planet. It’s probably a bit more expensive than most of Europe though.


  2. Stockholm is a city I’ve wanted to see for a long time. When you said you’d stayed on a boat my ears pricked up but the photo wasn’t quite what I’d expected. That doesn’t mean that the interior wasn’t beautiful, of course, and waterfront is always the perfect location for me.
    Can I be rude and ask if the boat was expensive or if you can give me a website so I can look? Belated happy anniversary too 🙂


  3. How long was the trip–the flight, I mean? Islands, eh–lots of bridges I imagine. Speaking of which, the kayaking was an interesting thing to see…right in the city. Stayed on a boat–how did did you come across that? Advice from friends or searching online?


    1. THe flight was about 75 mins and yes Stockholm does have lots of bridges. We took a boat trip called ‘Under the Bridges.’ 😀 The boat thing was advertised on a site we use quite a There is a few floating hotels and hostels in Stockholm.


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