Happy Birthday Norway (sort of)

Today saw Norway celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the creation of the constitution in 1814.  Unlike most countries which celebrate independence or the creation of a state, here in Norway this date is feted as being the foundation of the modern Norwegian state instead of the actual independence day which occurred in 1905 when Sweden was bidden a fond farewell.  Whatever the ins and outs of the politics today is a reason to get done up in the national costume and parade around to see and be seen.  Much quaffing of ale will no doubt be had, but not by yours truly of course…

Three beautiful young ladies show off the bunad, or national dress, to its best advantage.
No Norwegian celebration would be complete without a commemoration of the country’s Viking past.
The bunad comes in many different guises.
Old woman
A certain old lady who shall remain nameless shows off her version of the bunad.
The national flag is displayed from every vantage point.
Norway’s aboriginal inhabitants celebrate alongside the others but in their distinctive Sami dress.
This young Sami boy doesn’t seem to know what’s going on with this rubbishy Norwegian stuff!



43 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Norway (sort of)

    1. Apparently you have to be a Norskie to understand, but since I am an immigrant wandering around hungover in a kilt I don’t really care! Any excuse fur a hoolie, darling 😀


            1. Lots of Devon is cool. I have Cornish relatives but you can still,shove your Union where the sun doesn’t shine! You, though, will always be my sweet English rose. 😉 xxxx


                    1. I can understand some of it! It’s a mishmash of other languages I’m ok with 😉 How long ago was it that they created it? The idea was that it would be a language that the whole world could learn and speak. Epic fail!


                    2. I was only joking my little Worldblossom! It’s not a language – I was making things up between the rubbish I know from various lingoes. U are my sweet (not) English rose and Daddy adores you! 😉 xxxx


            1. Aye well, when you live in a country as beautiful as Norway it’s difficult to do otherwise. Wish your friends ‘gratulerer med dagen’ from a Scotsman in their wonderful land. 😀


  1. I’m going through my photos of our time in Bergen this morning — hoping to get a post up today, we’ll see — and I thought “I need to see my favorite expat Scot’s interpretation of the colors of the day.” You didn’t disappoint! 🙂

    I love the one of the young Sami guy and his pølse. I wish I felt that way; those darn things call my name. (But we resisted today.)

    Gratulerer med dagen to your wife and family!


    1. Gartulere med dagen til alle familien din også, elskling. I look forward to your version of today’s events – hopefully before the whisky overtakes me! Gud, eg hater aquavit! 😉 xxxx Heia Norge.


      1. LOL. Enjoy your whisky. Or aquavit. Or whatever it is you’re consuming. For me, it’s just a l-i-t-t-l-e too much wine, which is why a post from me may or may not happen soon.

        (Aquavit? I can only handle a small sip of that with pinnekjøtt … and I can only handle a small rib of pinnekjøtt … but that’s a whole other conversation. Skål — whatever adult liquid refreshment you’re enjoying!)


      1. 🙂 They’re Swedes. What else can they be? 🙂 It’s up to the Danes and Norwegians to bring a bit of mirth to the North.


    1. Like most national costumes it’s based more on an idea than reality but the main towns have always been a bit more up-to-date. Some rural Sami still wear their traditional costumes though.


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