Still processing photos from our trip to Sweden so in the meantime here’s a few that have been quickly edited to give a flavour of the place.  Enjoy…

Harbour area in a rare moment of sunshine.
Fishing from one of the city’s many bridges.
The main entrance to the huge royal palace in Stockholm.
Old Town
Gamla Stan (the old town) at the heart of the city.
Big Church
Stor Kyrka (the big church) where all Sweden’s royal weddings take place.
Gamla Stan
Västerlånggatan in the old town.
Stockholm’s ornate parliament building.


24 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. I went to Stockholm once…because it was cheaper to fly to first Stockholm before flying back to Warsaw than it was to fly directly back from Tallinn. I landed at 15h and left at 6h the next morning. There, I drank the most expensive coffee of my life, ate cold pasta on the quay in front of the sunset, stole a fork from a local bar (to eat said pasta…), wandered mindlessly around wishing I had had a warm hostel to go to, slept on benches at the train station, made friends with OTHER people sleeping at the train station before taking the 3.30 bus back to the airport..needless to say, it was an interesting 15 hours…!


      1. I DID try Bergen. I nearly cried. Actually, I brought food with me (I’m not kidding, I brought pasta and fruit and crackers and cheese and anything else I could get on the plane), slept in the worst–and most expensive hostel ever!, walked everywhere, and did all the free stuff I could manage. I only lasted 3 days…but it was a very nice 3 days at least!!


      2. Also, this was when I was living in Warsaw, Poland on a Polish teacher’s salary (like, 800 euros/month…yikes!). Everywhere that wasn’t Prague or Budapest or the Baltics was expensive to me then!


      3. Hahaha, we always cross the border to do our shopping because Sweden is soooooo much cheaper… 🙂 Norway is a rip off, I earn my money in Germany and consider myself qualified to make this comment.


        1. Only Norskies and Swiss think Sweden is cheap. I love to do my Xmas shopping in Glasgow – best shopping outside of London and about a quarter of the price 😀


    1. THe weather wasn’t great but it was dry almost the whole time. Not too warm but light jacket kinda weather. Central Stockholm is lovely.


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