Norway’s Mountains

I’ve been quiet for a couple of days now since me and the wonderful Mrs Mjollnir decided to take a short trip to celebrate out third wedding anniversary.  We took a 36 hour trip to the Swedish capital city, Stockholm and had a great time there.  Photos from this trip will be posted in due course but I thought I’d make my first post on our return these shots I managed to get from the plane as we returned and flew over the famous Hardanger Fjord just south of Bergen and got a break in the clouds enabling us to get a glimpse of the snowy mountains, deep valleys and blue fjords of western Norway as we approached home…

The high peaks around the Hardanger Fjord are still covered in snow.
A thin thread of river can be seen in this deep valley between the spectacular peaks.
Clouds lend an air of mystery to the mountain views in this shot.
Flying over the world-famous Hardanger fjord in bright sunshine.
Looking out over the fjord with the island of Snilstveitøy on the right and the settlements of Rosendal, Høyland and Dimmelsvik on the left.

31 thoughts on “Norway’s Mountains

  1. Wow, amazing shots! Norway is beautiful except for the damn clouds (ruined more than one of my Norwegian trips!) In your pictures they look really nice though.


    1. I’m pretty sure Bergen is the rainiest place in the universe but when the sun shines there are few better places on earth than Norway 😀


  2. Gratulerer med bryllupsdagen! ❤️❤️ Lovely captures of our gorgeous mountains. Are you wearing bunad on Saturday? Or the lovely Mrs Mjollnir? 🙂
    Greetings from Fredrikstad, Dina


  3. Very impressive shots. The light and shade creates great shapes. Like people, mountains and islands change their character when looked at from different angles or with the influence of light.


  4. I cant better the comments by your little snoepje, except maybe to add belated congratulations [ 3 anniversary] 36 hr journey? I must go luck at my World Atlass


    1. Thank you very much Ken. We had a 36 hour stay in Sweden – the journey only took 1hr and 10 mins thanks to one of these new-fangled hairy plane things! 😀


  5. Your welcome, I didn’t expect a reply especially so prompt, forgive me I just returned from a Celtic cousins tour and thought I should add a comment? Of course once I checked and reread the post it made sense as with tootle I get lost in Awe and admiration Often feeling any comment I made couldn’t do the blog justice? of course you share a birthright? Oh and British its what the English call themselves since political correctness took over.


    1. I am not now and never will be British damn your eyes Sir! Lol. I just want the English to be English and not pretend to be something they’re not in a desperate attempt to do the ‘right thing’. Please stop pretending! Thanks for your comments Ken 😀


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