Colours of Nygårdsparken

Some more shots from Thursday’s wander around Nygårdsparken which was decked out in its spring finery…


21 thoughts on “Colours of Nygårdsparken

    1. It’s a small park but quite nice. Bergen doesn’t have much in the way of proper parks but then we’ve got a large area of pristine forest, mountain and lakes (Kanandaskogen) just about a mile from the house and all inside the city limits so who cares? 😀


  1. After the long winter and lots of gray skies, these brilliant colors must be especially welcome (and I really like your shot of the dandelion puffball).


    1. Thanks for that Mike. Despite the perception of Norway as a winter wonderland we barely saw snow and spring was a month early so can’t complain!


    1. As a drinking buddy commented once when told I’d emigrated, “Ach that’s no’ emigratin’ – ye can walk it when the tide’s oot!” so yes there are many similarities.


    1. Cheers Mark. I dunno if it’s a lily (I’m hopeless at ID’ing these wee flowery buggers!) but I quite liked that shot. You’re a man of superior taste!


    1. The winter wasn’t too bad – practically snow free and the last few weeks have been great apart from a bit of mixed weather in the last few days so can’t complain. 😀


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