Spring at the Lake

Some shots of springtime at Tennebekktjørna from last Sunday.  The weather here has returned to its normal rainy self but last Sunday was our last day of a prolonged spell of beautiful sunny weather and great for capturing all the shades of green that spring in the north provides…

Blue skies above the smaller of the two beaches at Tennebekktjørna.
Blue sky and trees were reflected in this small pool further round the lake.
Green everywhere as we look across to the larger beach.
Dark green conifers and the bright greens of rejuvenated grass and leaves.
The level of the lake has gone down a bit during the recent good weather leaving these rocks stranded.
Despite the cold water this intrepid dog was going for a swim.
Bright greens and yellows around the shore.
A panorama over Tennebekktjørna.


16 thoughts on “Spring at the Lake

    1. Lofoten is spectacular – haven’t been there but living here you see images of them all the time. The sun’s away now so back to the normal rainy weather!


  1. Jeg kan godt lide dit første billede af vejen, der snor sig ned til søen, og så har du lært mig et nyt godt ord: intrepid 😀 og forresten; velkommen i regnvejret 🙂


    1. Ha ha. Still snowing over there is it? The nice weather here is now nice weather somewhere else! Back to the traditional rain the last three or four days but it was a good spell while it lasted.


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