High Lights

About this time last night I was settling down to watch the Bayern Munich-Real Madrid football game when I glanced out the living room window and saw that the crane near the house, which is being used in the construction of some luxury flats, was positioned at such an angle that it was being lit up in dramatic fashion by the rays of the fast disappearing sun.

I immediately grabbed the camera and got out on the balcony for some shots and then decided to play around a bit with the settings and see what I could capture of this dramatic scene…

This is about the closest to what I saw with the naked eye.
A few minutes later with an added bird.
Upping the shutter speed and cutting down on the amount of light gave this dramatic effect.
I decided to convert one image to monochrome to see what it looked like.


4 thoughts on “High Lights

    1. Aye the Bayern collapse wasn’t in my plans either but, like you, was pleased to see Atletico come out on top. First ever derby final so that should be interesting stuff.


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