Climbing Løvstakken II

A further selection of photographs from Sunday’s climb to the summit of Løvstakken here in Bergen…

A panorama shot over the south-west from Gullsteinen.
Pine cones against a blue sky.
Looking towards Lyderhorn, another of Bergen’s seven mountains, which may have to be climbed this summer sometime.
Despite the summery temperatures there is snow on the peaks.
The city centre, Sandviken and the Bergen fjord.
A small Jack Russell and his owner made the climb up.
The three amigos take in the views.
The pathway through the forest during the descent.
There were plenty of people climbing Løvstakken on Sunday.
The final part of the pathway leading back to ‘civilisation’ in Bønes.


14 thoughts on “Climbing Løvstakken II

  1. Those pictures are full of good hiking spirit 😀
    I never ever get tired of a mountain view with snow on the top. I love the paths that wind through the trees I’m fond of such places.
    You reside in an awful place 🙂
    I noticed you have got rid of the mallards 👿 that’s great


  2. Beautiful images! I wouldn’t say no for a walk in that forest.

    Maybe it’s just my imagination… but I smile when I look at “Pine cones against a blue sky”. 😉



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