Weekend Leisure in Bergen

The past weekend brought some glorious weather to normally rainy Bergen and this prompted the people of the city to get out and enjoy some leisure time pursuing their various pastimes in the bright sunshine and summery temperatures…

Shop till you drop was the order of the day for the crowds teeming around Torgallmeningen.
Even the Vikings were enjoying the sun.
Music was available for passers-by thanks to this busker.
The Bergen marathon was run on Saturday morning and these ladies were proudly sporting their medals.
This guy looked to be in a bit of pain though.
This guy took a chance to park his boat directly outside the pub!
There were boats aplenty in the harbour.
The Bryggen was crowded both on and offshore.


12 thoughts on “Weekend Leisure in Bergen

  1. Hi, remind me of the Summer temperature we experienced on our visit to Norway two years ago. Was it 18 degrees? And yes, it WAS hot – very strange


  2. We’re heading into Bergen tomorrow for a couple appointments (doctors and GLOBAL MARKET!), and hope to wander a bit if able. I haven’t been in a couple months; your images are the perfect incentive!


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