Made in Scotland, from Girders

While back in my hometown of Glasgow a couple of weeks ago I paid a visit to the Glasgow Central Station.  This station, which serves all the suburban lines around the city, the south and west of Scotland and all the main routes into England, is a fascinating building which contains 17 platforms, the refurbished Grand Central Hotel and a huge concourse area filled with shops.  It caters for 38 million passengers a year and is one of the grandest Victorian buildings in the city.  The main focus of my interest was the fantastic glass roof which is held in place by a multitude of iron girders which create a fantastic vista of angles, shadows and perspectives…

The canopy outside the main entrance in Gordon Street.
The clock suspended over the main concourse.
The glass roof and its supporting girders.
The girders arch over the main platform area and stretch into the distance.
Rail staff man the barriers under the iron and glass.
Suburban trains await their passengers under the fantastic network of girders.


26 thoughts on “Made in Scotland, from Girders

    1. Thanks SC. I’ve passed through this station countless thousands of times but only began to appreciate its beauty when I got into the photography thing. It makes you see things in a different light 😀


  1. Wonderful pictures! I visited Glasgow once at the height of summer. I haven’t been that cold since summer in San Francisco.


  2. Looks pretty solid! I whizzed past but didn’t have time to stick my nose in.
    I was taking photos of Newcastle’s new ‘glassed in’ look at the station today. 🙂


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