Lakeside Village

Along with some photos of Grimevatnet yesterday I walked up through some of the village of Brattland at the head of the lake and some of the farms which lie just outside.  In weather such as we had yesterday (and again today) a place like this, near a lake and surrounded by pine-clad mountain slopes is hard to beat.  It’s only a short bus ride from the suburb of Nesttun but you could be miles away from the city such is the idyllic, rural nature of the place…

Farm buildings at the foot of the pine covered slopes.
Looking across the lake to the snow topped mountains in the distance.
Some of the wealthier residents live in large houses part way up the mountainsides.
More of the farm houses on the mountain slopes.
Butterflies were enjoying the weather too.
The village of Brattland nestling at the foot of the mountains.
Across the lake to the farms.
A panorama shot of Brattland.


11 thoughts on “Lakeside Village

    1. It’s anything but flat over here but the mountains around Bergen aren’t very high although they can be quite spectacular nonetheless. Glad you enjoyed the photos Elisa 😀


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