The Local Wildlife

Usually when I go to the small local lake just a few hundred metres from the house I’m guaranteed to see the usual mallards, maybe widgeon and tufted ducks alongside crows and magpies and sparrows but yesterday I managed to spot a heron, albeit very briefly and even a small toad of some description.  Maybe this isn’t the most exotic wildlife to be found on the planet but it’s lovely to have so many animals so close to home and even though they’re familiar to most people this in no way diminishes their beauty…

The heron, a rare visitor to Orrtuvatnet.
A mallard dabbling in the stream.
A hooded crow remains on the alert.
A tiny sparrow hops along by the banks of the lake.
Mr Toad has left Toad Hall for a little while to pay us a visit.


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15 thoughts on “The Local Wildlife

  1. There is something special about capturing the beauty of the familiar, which we usually take for granted. Some of the species are familiar to me too, like the heron and the mallard, but others are not, like the tufted duck and hooded crow. Nice job in capturing such a variety of birds and other creatures.


    1. That’s appreciated coming from someone like yourself Mike who’s out there day in day out bringing us great photos of some of the rarer creatures out there. There can be few birds that are more beautiful or colourful than the mallard – just because there are millions of them out there doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them 😀


  2. I totally agree with Mr Powell I live in Birmingham, and have a decent enough show of familiar Wildlife, However to see the landscapes, and wildlife in different environs, mostly as they were born to be? to a city dweller its a source of joy and wonder, thank you for sharing the extraordinary in the ordinary


  3. Love the photos too but I am struggling with iPhone camera till I can afford something sharper and quicker for the wary birds here in Andalucia .


    1. I started my blog with a mobile phone camera but the difference a half-decent camera makes can’t really be understated. Get one soon and you’ll never look back. You’ve got a nice blog there from what I can see after a quick look but quality photos will make a real difference. It’s worth splashing the cash! 😀


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