Grimevatnet in Spring.

Having the day off work today I took a trip out to a lake just outside Bergen, called Grimevatnet, which I hadn’t visited before.  The weather was fantastic with sunshine all day, warm temperatures and barely a cloud in the sky as spring was duly springing.

Grimevatnet is a long, narrow lake which sits between two rows of hills and has a road winding down one side cut into the hillside and very steep slopes on the other which makes it impossible to walk around it but I was able to get some decent shots from the roadside and from the small village of Brattland near the head of the lake…

One of the houses near Brattland at the end of the lake.
Looking along the length of the narrow lake.
Early leaves about to burst forth in front of the steep slopes of the mountains.
These boats are doubtless used for fishing as the lake has a good supply of trout and pike amongst other species.
Spring is well under way here as these new leaves show.
Catkins are in evidence too.
More spring leaves at the end of this small promontory.
This must be the worst place in the world to have a house!

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