A Trip to Stirling

During our brief trip to Scotland we took a day out to travel to Stirling and Linlithgow.  Stirling of course has a famous castle, but when you’ve seen one famous medieval Scottish castle you’ve seen them all (sort of!).

Instead we took a walk out of town to the National Wallace Monument perched atop the rocky crag known as Abbey Craig at the foot of the Ochil Hills which mark the beginning of the Highland Fault Line.  The monument is dedicated to the memory and exploits of Sir William Wallace, 13th and 14th century Scottish hero and Guardian of Scotland. It features displays linked to Wallace and other famous Scots throughout the ages and you can climb to the top for fantastic views out over the Forth valley and over to the distant highland peaks, but Abbey Craig itself has a couple of lovely woodland walks which we enjoyed after visiting the monument.  Enjoy…

The National Wallace Monument against the backdrop of the Ochil Hills.
The statue of Wallace built into one corner of the tower.
The bust of King Robert I of Scotland (victor of the battle of Bannockburn) in the Hall of Heroes.
A stained glass window featuring a depiction of Wallace.
Stirling Bridge, where Wallace’s army slaughtered the invading forces of Edward of England.
View from the top of the monument where the river Forth meanders across the plains.


The following slideshow contains more images from the Abbey Craig grounds and the monument…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

31 thoughts on “A Trip to Stirling

        1. Every month and none. It’s impossible to predict. We’re stuck out in the middle of the North Atlantic so it’s a maritime climate with mountains = lots of rain! 😀


      1. One of my best friends during my undergraduate years was a Norwegian. There were a lot of Norwegian students at Stirling when I was there in the ’80s. I wonder if this is how you ended up in Norway, met someone at Stirling?


  1. Der var ikke problemer med at skyde nogle meget smukke billeder, ser jeg 🙂
    Det første billede er ‘magnificent’
    Mange hilsner,


  2. Lovely!! I’ll save this post as well, you know, I’m a clever one… Today we booked three nights in Edinburgh. we’ll probabyl pay Stirling a visit but not stay overnight. What would you suggest as the first stop after E. to do some easy, great hiking in the Trossachs?
    Thanks a lot! 🙂


  3. Gorgeous as always. One of these days I’ll get there to see the land of my ancestors (Paisley). Such history! I agree with tootlepedal about the first pic. Fabulous.


  4. Wow–that ruin in the first photo looks spectacular! May have to add that to the list… 😉 A bit jealous–I would love to take a little trip to the UK for a bit!


    1. Well, it’s not a ruin, it’s a monument to William Wallace and you can climb up to the top for those spectacular views and hopefully Scotland will soon no longer be in the UK! Glad you liked the photos though 😀


  5. I love your images of Scotland, and seeing your country through your eyes. (Don’t think I’ve mentioned that my Great-great (add another great or two?) Grandparents on my Dad’s side came from Scotland. I need to research that, and get there for a visit!! 🙂


  6. Fabulous monument and i really like the first photo showing it in the context of the surrounding hills. Thank you for pointing out something to see on my next visit!


  7. Enjoyed a friend from Spain’s wedding in Stirling. Her mother was from there but it was easier to get married in Stirling than England or Spain! Great photos to remind me of our trip there.


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