Linlithgow’s Canal

The Union Canal was opened in 1822 to carry minerals from the industrial town of Falkirk to Edinburgh and passes through the scenic town of Linlithgow between the two.  Although not used for commercial purposes since the 1930’s the upsurge in the use of canals for leisure has seen it, and many other canals, been refurbished for pleasure boat use and the towpaths used as cycle and walking routes.  During our recent visit to the town we took a short walk along part of its length as it passes through Linlithgow…

The Union Canal basin in Linlithgow where some of the narrow boats are moored.
The boats are used for short cruises along the canal’s 30 mile (50km) length.
The canal was constructed along the 240ft (73m) contour to avoid excessive use of locks and passes through the higher areas of the town.
Sunlight glistens on the water beside the mooring platforms just past the basin.
The banks are so secluded you could be miles from anywhere.
After our short walk we retired to the Four Marys pub for a lovely dinner in cosy surroundings.


16 thoughts on “Linlithgow’s Canal

    1. Meandering along beside a canal is great. It’s very easy walking of course and if you want you can walk all the way from Edinburgh to Glasgow. 4 Marys is a great wee pub! Cheers Hanna 😀


  1. I imagine those canals are still pretty expensive to keep up even though they only get light leisure use. They are a real treasure, though, for those who get to use then.
    Love that inn at the end 🙂


    1. The Four Marys. A great wee place. I used to live in Linlithgow and went there all the time. Lots of different real ales on tap and great food and staff. 😀


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