Birdlife of Scotland

We got back from our trip to Scotland late last night so I’ve got a load of photos to sort through and edit, but we didn’t spend all our time in Glasgow.  We also went to Stirling and Linlithgow since Mrs Mjollnir had never been there.  Whilst in Linlithgow we went to Linlithgow Loch to take some shots of the birdlife there and came away with nice shots before retiring to the Four Marys pub and restaurant for a lovely dinner.  Enjoy some of the birdlife to be found in Linlithgow Loch…

A beautiful mute swan dabbles in the waters of the loch.
A coot takes a break from the water and poses for a photo.
A mallard drake shows off his feathers as he preens.
Meanwhile a jackdaw was strutting about on the banks.
A close up of the swan.
A male tufted duck cruising along serenely.

18 thoughts on “Birdlife of Scotland

  1. Lovely images! Do you come from Glasgow? I’m planning our trip to Scotland in August right now. We want to walk a part of the John Muir Trail and then spend a few days in Edinburgh before we head for the Trossachs via Stirling. Do you have any tipps for us? 🙂 🙂


    1. Hei Dina, yes I come from Glasgow so it was good to get home for a couple of days. You don’t say which part of the JM Way you intend doing but if you’re starting in the west then you’ll come to Balloch so from there you should spend time at Loch Lomond. If you’re further east then the beautiful town of Linlithgow is well worth a visit as is South Queensferry for spectacular views of the famous Forth Bridges and on the east coast there are cliffs and bird colonies which are worth seeing. Central Edinburgh is beautiful and worth exploring for a couple of days.


      1. That’s how we have planned it so far:
        We drive from North Norfolk to Holy Isle, Lindisfarne. 2 nights. On the way to Edinburgh we want to hike the John Muir Trail ,2 days. Seonaid says the area around Cove is very nice.
        3 nights max. Edinburgh and then app one week hiking in the Trossachs. How does that sound to you?
        I have mad a note of South Queensferry too! 🙂


        1. Sounds good to me and of course if your in the Trossachs area you’re next door to Loch Lomond. If you get good weather you could do worse than climb Ben Lomond for some spectacular views. Whatever you do you should enjoy it 😀


    1. Believe it or not it’s the 18-55mm. These birds are so tame you’ll get within a couple of metres of them or even closer with the coots, swans and mallards.


  2. Yeah, birds! Thanks for sharing! PS, is a jackdaw in the crow family or more like a blackbird? I know I can look this up but I thought I’d ask a local instead, right?


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