The Golden Mountain

Given that Bergen is right on the west coast of southern Norway and there are few or no high points between Løvstakken and the sea,  when the sun goes down, all those lovely, long-wavelength sunrays strike the side of the mountain in the late evenings and turn it an amazing golden/orange colour.  Having taken a trip round Storavatnet, a lake on slopes of the mountain yesterday evening, I was rewarded with some fantastic shots of our local ‘golden mountain’ and some pretty good reflections too.  Enjoy…

The view of Løvstakken at the start of my walk from across the waters of Litlavatnet which is joined onto Storavatnet.
The golden rays strike the forests on the lower slopes as the sun sank lower.
Colourful lakeside houses and the golden mountain as a backdrop.
Walking further round the lake on the opposite shore, Løvstakken really took on some colour.
Black branches help frame the mountain as it glows.
The lower slopes to the left caught the light as the sun sank.
In the distance, the hills across the city took on a peachy glow when looking down the length of Storavatnet.
One last look before the colours began to fade.



41 thoughts on “The Golden Mountain

  1. This is a really good set mate….the calm water has resulted in perfect reflections, the colour is fantastic and I like the way you’ve used the branches to help frame some of the shots…..a trick I often use myself 😊


  2. It’s as if Løvstakken is glowing from within, isn’t it? It must be the trolls and their fires — and you captured it! 🙂


    1. Reading your post just now and thanks for the link and namecheck! Much appreciated my fellow innvandrer. Those golden/orange trees look strangely familiar somehow. Dunno what it is… 😀


    1. Thank you very much Jackie. That’s the kind of thing we expect from this part of the world on the rare occasions we have decent weather! 😀


    1. I noticed you’d popped in for a wee look! Thanks for following and I promise to get around to taking a proper look at your blog very soon. Cheers! 😀


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