A Hike to Viggohytten

The weather we have had today has been absolutely fantastic.  Unseasonably warm, the temperatures today on the balcony of our house reached 24C.  With this type of t-shirt weather in March it was definitely a good day for a hike.  We chose to go to a place called Viggohytten which sits atop the hill known as Gravdalsfjellet around a mile or so from the house.

The trail starts behind Betanien Hospital and we were soon climbing up through forested pathways beside small mountain streams under cloudless blue skies.  Part way up we came to Laksevåghytten where we had a brief rest before continuing up to Viggohytten at the summit around 350m (1150ft) above sea level where we enjoyed some fantastic views and purchased a waffle from the volunteers who man the bothy before heading back down.

Several small streams cascade down the hillsides.
Sunlight filters through the pine trees on the hillside.
Laksevåghytten part way up the climb.
Looking across the ridges and valleys to a distant Ulriken.
Unfortunately it was a little hazy but you can see that the views were fantastic.
The view from the top across to Lyderhorn.
Number One
Number One stepson decides he is the king of the hill.
Viggohytten is a very popular spot on Sundays as people climb up to enjoy picnics and the bonus of good weather this early in the year.
More of the spectacular views out to the islands and sea.
Having come back down Number One decides to indulge in the national sport of pinecone kicking!


14 thoughts on “A Hike to Viggohytten

  1. Yes, wasn’t it a fantastic day?! Thanks for taking me on the hike with you. 🙂 (Our “hike” was limited to walking around Sandviken to our grandson’s baptism and then house for the family celebration. It was gorgeous in their garden!)


    1. Yeah it was great Maurice. But the temps are more like May now you’re right there. Since we’ve had practically no winter worth speaking of I suppose it’s all part of the climatic upheavals we see these days. Ain’t complaining though 😀


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