On the Edge

Walking around Kalandsvatnet during the week I was struck by the views across the lake but there were also many photo-ops nearer to the edge of the lake itself.  From beautiful houses (worth many million Kroner) to unused farm machinery there was a plethora of nice shots ready to be taken.  I hope you enjoy…

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16 thoughts on “On the Edge

  1. In the 1960s a government of Newfoundland funded resettlement program saw to the ending of many of our more remote fishing villages (we call them outports). Many of the people chose to float their houses across the bays to the more populated centres. To do this they made use of larger versions of rafts like that one. Here’s a link o a page with some pictures taken at the time:

    I really love what you have done with the pictures this time around. The HDR touches really bring out the beauty of your adopted home.

    Oh, by the way, we get between 30 and 60 more cm of snow between Monday and Wednesday, on top of the 380 we already have…


    1. We have had a beautifully sunny and warm day today. T-shirt weather! Went for a hike this morning so there’s a post about that coming up. Enjoy your snow! 😀


  2. Great pictures Iain. I looked at the raft and though: I always wanted a raft like that. Then I saw the sheds and thought: I always wanted a shed like that. I’d give the rusty oil drum a miss though.
    Cheers, Alen


    1. Cheers cousin! I don’t know about that oil drum – sure it was rusted to beggary but it was perfectly sliced in half so I don’t know what that was all about but I loved the bright colours of all the rust. Glad you enjoyed the photos 😀


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