Round Kalandsvatnet

Yesterday afternoon once I had finished work I caught a bus to a lake around half an hour from the city centre of Bergen.  From there I took an eight kilometre (five mile) hike around Kalandsvatnet.  Having never visited this lake before I enjoyed some new sights on a day of slightly mixed weather.  This lake is larger than the others I have visited before in Kanadaskogen or nearer the house.  It’s surrounded by some lovely hills and there were more distant snow-clad mountains further away which added a nice backdrop to some of the shots.  Enjoy Kalandsvatnet…

Some bands of cloud crossed over the lake near the start of my hike.
Looking across the lake at one of its wider points.
Some people have the misfortune to live right by the lakeside.
The mountains in the background still have a slight covering of snow.


10 thoughts on “Round Kalandsvatnet

          1. Aha! Second video definitely brings to mind brass monkeys and a distinct lack anything of spherical due to the extreme cold. Nice blue skies though! 😀


        1. I didn’t know you’d been in north Scotland or western Norway Maurice! I don’t what the temps are in that video but the terrain is what I’m used to 😀


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