Up the Rainbow Stairs

I’m desperately in need of some colour after a dreary week of rain.  Spotted in a hotel in Tirana, Albania last summer…



13 thoughts on “Up the Rainbow Stairs

  1. Gorgeous colors — just what is needed on these dreary days!

    (Although a beam of light pierced the sky for a moment this morning, and instead of thinking “THE SUN! HOW WONDERFUL!!” my brain gave me “HOLY CRAP! MY WINDOWS ARE SO DIRTY AND RAIN STREAKED!!”)


      1. This female brain would *love* to see if the pub’s open too. But 1. we’re too remote to have a pub close by and 2. I CAN’T SEE OUT MY WINDOWS. 😉

        OK. I take that back. Right now I can see snow falling outside my windows. It’s perking up this dreary day considerably!

        And your photo’s colors are still gorgeous.


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