The Alley

Last Wednesday we had some beautiful sunshine here in the ridiculously far north and I tried to take advantage of this wonderful light and early spring goodness by taking some photos of the renewal of plant life and crocuses that are popping up everywhere now.  Towards the end of that walk through the Nordnes peninsula area of Bergen I came across a small street which was lit up by the sinking sun .  The alley runs down a steep hill towards a major street but the angle of the sun meant I had a few minutes to grab some shots which aren’t the best compositions but which have some superb shadows and great architectural detail.  Enjoy…

Looking down the hill in Cort Piilsmauet, Bergen.
The view up the hill from Strandgaten as the sun shines almost directly down the narrow alley.
Shadows in stark relief against the masonry in Cort Piilsmauet.




21 thoughts on “The Alley

  1. I’ve been walking here too… I rememeber it as if it was yesterday (May 2005). Time flies, I guess.

    Yes, superb shadows…
    and lovely architecture.



            1. Det betyr ‘good health’ på Gaelisk og det er det som vi sier når vi ta en øl (eller en whisy – uisge beatha). What it really means is snogius giganticus to Malin because she is beautiful 😀 xxxx xxxx


              1. I’ve just checked it, but thanks for the answer. 🙂

                Jag förstod att du tog dig en öl eller en whisky (läs: flera). 😉 <—- Swedish lesson for you.

                Snogs! ;D


    1. Thanks Mark. I was a wee bit worried that they were a bit overwhelming in colour so I thought I’d calm it doon a wee tait! Glad you appreciated them


    1. Thanks Tootle. The composition of these pics was terrible but I had about two minutes before the sun shifted and all was lost.. A sMrs mjollnir would say ‘It’s all you can do with a quickie!’


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