Crocus Beauty in Bergen

This time last year there was nothing on the trees; no leaves, no buds, no pussy willows.  Earlier than we could have expected this year there are green shoots, leaves, buds and revitalised wildlife.  Thanks to the unprecedentedly mild winter we have had things this early in the year are amazingly different.  Three days ago I was able to capture some superb images of crocuses such as have rarely been seen this far north at such an early date.  Enjoy the flowers…

These wee crocuses are definitely making a lot of early spring noise.
A touch of yellow in the spring sunshine.
The other ones were showing their purple sides.
Two colours
Two colours are evident here in this late afternoon shot.

12 thoughts on “Crocus Beauty in Bergen

    1. You glacier addicts do my nut in! In all seriousness though this time last year we were suffering a long cold spell, although we had almost three weeks unbroken sun. When that broke we had snow almost into May. Feel my joy, my friend – spring has sprung six weeks early. Happy is wee me! 😀 Thanks for commenting ;-D


    1. Is that you stealing my Linlithgow Crocii again? You weirdo! I’m back in the auld homeland again in less than a month and fair lookin furrit tae it, as the thoroughly coruptit wifie would say. Poor wee Norskie wumman speaks Scoats noo! Hope you are ebjoying spring ;-D


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