Bergen is Shiny

Just to add to the general feelings of ‘springness’ abounding at the moment today we were treated to that rarest of weather phenomena sunshine.  By the time I left work today the skies were blue and the sun was beaming down so a quick trip into the city centre was done instead of the direct bus home in order to take some snaps of the change of character some sunshine brings to an always beautiful but often dreary city…

An avenue of the strangely pruned trees which are everywhere in Bergen situated in Klostergaten at the highest point of Nordnes peninsula.
Looking towards Mt Ulriken under the bluest of skies with the Corps de Garde building (yellow) bottom right.
A row of multi-coloured houses glow in the rare sunshine near Klostergaten.
The spire of the Nykirken (New church) rises between the old houses in Nordnes.





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