Mushroom Magic

I spotted this fine fungus the other day when out walking and thought it looked rather interesting although I’ve no idea what kind of mushroom it is.  Things really looked up when I took a shot of the underside, trying to capture the gills, and managed to catch the sunlight shining through the mushroom cap…

Our fungal friend from above.
Seen from underneath the mushroom shows off its gills and the sunlight shining through.



10 thoughts on “Mushroom Magic

    1. Thanks Mark. I was fairly proud of that one and I’m glad a man of your kaliber appreciates that! Slainte mhath (Friday night and Mrs Mjollnir’s birthday, expect no sense after this comment!) 😀


    1. Ah yes, the title 😀 I vaguely remember consuming vast quantities of the magic variety in my youth and hugging trees and loving everyone just for the fun of it! Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin wee groovy baby!


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