Fit for a King

During last week’s wander through the forest of Langeskogen I couldn’t help but notice that there were a few signs of spring around, well before the same things occurred last year when spring was very late.  One of the more obvious signs of this was the appearance of a large amount of catkins on a tree opposite the building known as Gamlehaugen, which is the King of Norway’s residence when he is in Bergen.  I’m not a big fan of royalty per se, but the Norskie King isn’t too big an arse so ‘word up, Harald!’  Anyway, the catkins on the other side of the people’s fjord were quite cool and, remember, Harry, they’re our Catkins!  Enjoy…

I have nothing against the king of Norway but what Mrs King of Norway said!!!!

10 thoughts on “Fit for a King

    1. He’s quite cute in a royal kinda way but the next generation are freaks. If this is a sign of things to come then Norway and many another country are (hopefully) heading for democracy and republics – not that the two go hand in hand. One only has to look at the lack of democracy in USA, China , Russia and many others. Politics is buggered and we need to re-invent democracy. Freedom for my homeland and a New Start. 😀


        1. I doubt it but the prognostications that go with a 70-30 vote against are very wide of the mark (forgive the pun!). It will be a very close vote, but for me it’s not about September. The referendum has come too soon. Wait another ten years and the vote will be overwhelmingly in favour. Another Tory led coalition or a vote for a weak Labour party which is a travesty of the party dragged screaming and kicking into existence by the likes of Kier Hardie will see the Scottish electorate finally waking up to the fact that old Etonians and Oxbridge graduates really don’t ‘get it’ as far as Scotland is concerned. ‘Project Fear’ has proabably done its job this time around but we won’t be fooled again as that lovely Englishman Mr Daltrey said. Next time around there won’t be a similar mistake. The end of the UK is inevitable and nothing can stop the tides of history. I’m not hugely anti-British (although I loathe the ‘establishment’ of the old boys network and their sense of entitlement) but I am very pro-Scottish and I see no reason why my nation must be ruled from London which sees us as nothing more than a cash-cow and the reason for underpinning their economy. Ask yourself, if Scotland was a drain on the UK/English economy why are they terrified of losing us? They are filled with fear but will use every underhand method they can to stop us from disolving the UK. That trick will only work once and the genie has left the bottle. Inevitable is the only word I can think of to explain what will happen. History teaches us if we are willing to listen. Sermon over you’ll be glad to hear! Haahhahaha 😀


          1. I’m with you….and it’s not only Scotland they don’t get either. My worry (and this is a bit selfish) is that if Scotland leaves the Union, England and Wales will have to suffer Tory governments forever more……I can’t see Labour getting in again without the votes they get from Scotland. Whatever happens in September though, I don’t think things will be the same again. At the very least there will have to be a new deal struck between the countries that make up the UK.


            1. Miliband is useless that’s the main prob you have. In Scotland, their leader Johann Lamont is a figure of ridicule. Scotland’s labour vote has only made a difference twice in UK elections since WWII so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Labour is terrified of course that the loss of its Scottish block vote will make it unelectable in UK terms and is thus Unionist in its outlook. Many Scottish Labour voters are dismayed at the turns their party has gone through and are by no means following party lines ( Anyway, interesting times. So long and thanks for all the nuclear weapons! lol 😀


    1. Slightly more than my plebean wages can afford I’m afraid Maurice but we can always stand outside and press our miserable working class noses against the windows and pretend!


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