One of the nice things about Saturday’s walk in Langeskogen is that the main paths are relatively flat and well maintained but they follow the contours around the foot of the hillside where two or three lovely little streams cascade down along rocky beds through the forest.  Due to the recent rains there was still a fair amount of water in these normally tiny streams so I was able to get some nice shots of the small waterfalls as they tumbled down the hills…

The first of the small waterfalls is only metres from the farm featured in a recent post.
The falls are surrounded by the greenery of winter conifers and moss.
Further on another stream cuts through a cleft in the rocks.
On the lower path another burn tumbles over the rocks.





17 thoughts on “Falls

      1. THANK YOU! I thought so. I’ve been spending a LOT of money on lenses and filters, and I had a feeling I would not need the neutral filter. Your work is breathtaking, but of course, I told you that already! GRIN!!!!


    1. It was actually quite busy with walkers but I tend to head into the woods, clambering about like a loony looking for the perfect vantage point!


      1. I sure understand. I can’t count how many of my “peaceful” photos actually have much more going on in the background…the magic of photography.


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