A series of shots of a lone, dead tree in a clearing in Langeskogen in the late afternoon sunshine converted to B&W for a more dramatic effect…

The tree stands bare and stark before the background conifers.
The slanting rays of the afternoon sun catch the moss on the tree.
The contrast between the sun and shadow on the dead tree and the almost silhouetted trees behind.
Bare branches and almost cloudless skies.
Reaching for the sky.

12 thoughts on “Solitary

    1. Thanks Suzanne. Even though this tree is dead he’s covered in moss and so was still bright and green despite that but I opted for the B&W versions for a bit more atmosphere 😀


  1. Aren’t dead trees interesting. I especially like the look of the longer focal length in the 3rd image but all very nice.


    1. Thank you very much Dave for your kind words. I agree that dead trees are interesting subjects. All those grains and textures and their stark beauty make for great photos 😀


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