City Farm

The first thing I did on yesterday’s hike in Langeskogen was to photograph the Tawny Owl from my previous post.  Just a couple of hundred metres further on from this I came to a place called Langegården which is a working farm where the path into the woods skirts around the farm buildings and some of their inhabitants before going further into the forested hillsides…

Langegården’s buildings in the late winter sunshine.
The cosy looking farm buildings cluster close to the woods at the bottom of the hillside.
Some of the inhabitants of the farm were a bit curious about all the walkers passing by.
Despite all the goings-on the everyday activity of food-gathering doesn’t stop.
Looking back to the farm and its mountain backdrop.
Some farm equipment lies at the foot of some very tall trees.

12 thoughts on “City Farm

      1. I’ve got three in the garden. A white leghorn, a ginger ranger and a columbine. I prefer their company to humans. And humans don’t lay eggs.


    1. I noticed some small buds today on the bushes near the bus stop and saw some pussy willows a couple of weeks ago – about two months ahead of last spring!


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