Bonnie Tawny

This time last year I took a trip out to Milde in brilliant sunshine but it was around -10ºC if I remember correctly.  Today we again had some sunshine but the temperature was around 5-6ºC so I was tempted to go for a hike through the woods of Langeskogen on the shores of Nordåsvannet, an arm of a fjord that lies on the other side of Gullsteinen Ridge from our house.  I hadn’t been here for a long time but there were definite signs of spring in the air well ahead of where we were in that really cold winter of last year.

When I arrived at the beginning of the forest path I noticed some people were taking photos of a tree and on coming round to the side they were on I could immediately see why.  Perched on the edge of a hole in the tree with a look of complete indifference on his face was a beautiful tawny owl just waiting for night to fall and the hunt to begin.  I’d never seen one in the wild before so this was a rare treat…

The owl perched on the edge of his hole.
He was completely unconcerned by all the activity underneath him.
The Tawny Owl inhabits most of Eurasia and has a wingspan of around three feet (100cm).
Eyes shut and completely unflustered.





29 thoughts on “Bonnie Tawny

    1. Thanks Birdman. Sadly most of my hikes are within Bergen or nearby and wildlife is conspicuous by its absence so seeing this owl was a bit of a treat. That and a lack of lenses… 😦


    1. I wouldn’t’ve noticed were it not for three or four folk all taking pics of a tree. He’s pretty well matched to his surroundings eh? 😀


  1. I caught the same owl (or maybe its mother/father or grandmother/grandfather) back in May 2010! Your images are much more clear than the one I have on my blog. So glad to see there’s still a wise old bird in that part of the world!


      1. I’m glad to get the update! I lived on the other side of Langeskogen (and up Løvstakken) for five years, so didn’t get down that way on “normal” walks.


  2. You’d kind of miss the owl at first. Love it!
    Interesting to see the contrast from one year to another. I was starting to wonder if you’d up and moved Norway down to the south as your weather was so much warmer than here. You are, in fact 1400 km FURTHER NORTH than I am (I looked it up) yet significantly warmer!
    In my case the cold is mainly due to the Labrador Current, which flows from Greenland and right past our shores. Not sure though why you’d be so far north and still relatively mild.
    Does it sound like I’m a little envious. Maybe. We had -15 last night with a so-called high today of -11. BRRRRRR!


    1. North Atlantic Drift (Gulf Stream). Without it most of Europe would be under ice. St J’s is on roughly the same latitude as Munich, Vienna and Budapest. Glasgow and Edinburgh by contrast are roughly 55º north (same as Moscow) but are kept warm by the current. It flows north past UK and Ireland then splits with one part curling under Iceland before petering out and the other going up past Scandinavia. It’s kinda hard to think of the North Atlantic being warm but there you go 😀


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