Rain Forest II

Even though I only ventured a couple of hundred metres into Kanadaskogen on Monday that was enough to realise that, although the forest has its own unique beauty in the rain, the conditions underfoot were just too soggy and treacherous to go much further.  Sticking close to the banks of the small but swollen stream I was able to get a few shots which might hopefully convey the stark, waterlogged, moss-bedecked beauty of the forest in winter…

Moss thrives in the wet forest.
The small rapids and cataracts wend their way through the sodden woods.
The stream, normally no more than a trickle in dry conditions, is swollen after our recent rains.
Another small waterfall slightly further downstream.
The moss monster.
A bit further upstream the burn takes a detour away from the footpath via these lovely cataracts.
The stream tumbles down the hillside over countless small falls.


12 thoughts on “Rain Forest II

  1. Hey, I was slipping and sliding along with you as I read! What a primordial forest! If you’ve ever stepped on a wet, moss-covered stone, you know just how treacherous it really was for you to hike there! Beautiful images.


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