Friday Night Out in Bergen

Friday evening was a terrible night weather-wise in Bergen but that didn’t stop me from meeting up with some of my new work colleagues for a post payday meal and a few drinks.  We met up in Zafran restaurant in the city’s Nygårdsgate at 7pm and had a really nice meal before some of us went on the Garage pub for a few more beers, and a great night was had by all…

Zafran restaurant in Nygårdsgate, Bergen.
A wet night in the streets outside the restaurant.
The rest of the crew – l to r: Tone, Jasmin (partly hidden), Maria, Zano, Inga and Jørn.
Some of the team warm and snug in the restaurant while I’m banished outdoors for a smoke!
A busy Zafran on Friday night.
A happy Inga in Zafran.

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