Too Much Weather

Yesterday was a horrible day in Bergen, with strong winds, cold temperatures and sleet, snow and rain throughout the day.  This photo shows the mountains behind Bergen with a topping of snow and some dark, foreboding skies.  At ground level it doesn’t look so bad but earlier in the day it wasn’t so benign…

The mountains behind central Bergen yesterday afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Too Much Weather

  1. I absolutely cannot fathom what it must be like to look out at my town and see such a sight. I feel totally deprived… I think you must be desentizized to the incredible depth of color and fantasy, storybook quality of this place. Even on a bad day with an old cemetery in the foreground and malevolent skies in the background, this you’ve captured the timeless beauty of Bergen. Its warm feel is incredible to me. The houses are fairy tale houses snuggled into the hillsides. You have the eye of the artist, a poet’s eye.


    1. It’s a photogenic place certainly and the ever-changing light brings out a multitude of faces to familiar sights. Thanks for your kind words George 😀


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