The Wall

One of the features of the forests around Storavatnet is the presence of dry-stone walls along one side of the lake.  Presumably, although this is purely a guess, they indicate the site of a farm of some sort in the past.  Whatever the reason they are now a magnet for moss and form a hugely attractive feature of the woods, although some loony had decided to pitch a tent at the most photogenic spot so these aren’t the best photos but you’ll get the idea…

The stones of the wall are covered in a film of bright green moss.
The wall stretches for quite a way through the forest at this point.
The bright green of the moss is a certain source of colour even in winter.
The different shades of green are a delight to the eye.





22 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. yes I tried a macro with moss (but used a standard lens) had i used a proper Macro it would have been spot on. I love coming across these type of walls lots life in there and the time it has taken to arrive at this state is amazing


  2. These stone walls and the boulder I commented on previously really need to get together to share their observations of this area’s history.

    I’ll be the one hanging out behind a tree quietly listening.


  3. If the soft-focus here is intentional, and I’m guessing it is, it’s perfect for the “round” images of this ancient forest. Hard focus would destroy the magic. There is no harsh sunlight here, ever I assume. Really fine treatment of this primordial place. The same applies to the previous post.


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