Sunday at Storavatnet

A bit of a dull, drizzly day today but I took a trip up to a lake on the slopes of Løvstakken known as Storavatnet.  Although surrounded by houses on three sides it is completely enclosed by forest so you feel you’re miles from civilisation despite the opposite being true.  The lake was partly iced over but there was some pleasant walking to be had in the forests around the lake…

Storavatnet under a gloomy sky.
Strangely no-one seems to be diving from the platforms today.
The shores of Storavatnet are lined by forest.
A carpet of pine needles deadens the sounds in the forest.
The forest, as always, never hides its beauty.
For better days than today there are benches dotted around such as this beneath a large oak.







10 thoughts on “Sunday at Storavatnet

      1. I know that the Russians like to beat each other with birch twigs to aid circulation too. It’s amazing what those northern climates (and lots of alcohol) will do to common sense. Walking around with lots of warm clothing (and a camera) seems like a better idea to me.


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