Freezing Falls

One of the features of our recent mild weather has been the fact that although the day-time temperatures have been well above zero the overnight temperatures must be dipping down well below that.  The fact that the lakes on my hike of last weekend were frozen is testament to that.  One thing that did surprise me though was that a couple of waterfalls at one end of Tennebekktjørna were also frozen.  There was some water flow, but not much due to the recent dry weather, although what was flowing was coming down between some spectacular ice formations…

The upper falls with some ice free areas where the water was flowing between the jagged formations.
Apart from the lake surface and these falls most of Kanadaskogen was ice-free.
The ice has formed around the base of some of the trees when the flow was greater.
The lower falls were just as spectacular.
As in the upper falls there were some ice free areas but the combination of freely flowing water and solid ice was enchanting.
A closer view of the shapes formed by the ice.
There were some amazing ice formations at the base of the lower falls.








13 thoughts on “Freezing Falls

      1. The weather has been unusual all over the place it seems. It has been declared that California is in the middle of a drought…with the least amount of rain in something like 500 years. Although…it IS raining today, thank goodness…and FINALLY. I hope it just keeps raining for many days to come. Anyway, stay warm my friend. 🙂


  1. I really enjoyed your photos. Last Christmas (2012) we did the fjiord cruise out of Stavanger, and saw the Bridal Falls a mixture of ice and small rivelets….. it really is quite magic, and your photos captured it well. Keep warm!


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