Weekend Hike: Krokatjørna

Having left Svartatjørn I found myself on a gently descending path through some glorious winter forest landscapes.  There was moss aplenty, running water in the streams and the wonderful greens of Norway’s predominant conifers.  I passed the occasional jogger and walker but mostly I was alone in the forest.  Before long the path towards Krokatjørna began to climb upwards finally bringing me out at the near end of the smallest of the three lakes on this hike and the return home…

Kanadaskogen is definitely my favourite place in Bergen.
The view up the slope on the path leaving Svartatjørn.
Although it’s the middle of what winter we’re having there’s still plenty of green around.
A fallen tree has quickly acquired its own coating of moss amongst the remains of the autumn leaves.
The lakes may be frozen but this small stream is clear of ice.
The path finally arrived at Krokatjørna.
Dead wood provides some nice reflections in the ice.
I met this cheery guy for the second time that day by Krokatjørna as he completed his second circuit.


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