One Hike, Three Lakes

As it was dry today as promised I made a point of getting out the house reasonably early and heading off to my favourite haunt at Kanadaskogen.  This time though I thought I’d explore some hitherto unexplored paths.  I began at the fairly well-known Tennebekktjørna and finished up at my usual spot at Krokatjørna but took a completely new route which passed by a third lake known as Svartatjørn.  The following are just a taster of the day’s hike…

Blue skies in the distance over a frozen Tennebekktjørna.
One of the views across the frozen lake.
My new route took me to the so-far unexplored Svartatjørn.
The view along the lake back towards the way I had come.
Although the ground was frozen I was still glad we had these walkways which cross otherwise swampy ground on the way to Krokatjørna.
Krokatjørna too was frozen although the ice wasn’t too thick.

22 thoughts on “One Hike, Three Lakes

  1. Envious? Yes! Fantastic hike, Mjollnir. It reminds me of some amazing hikes I’ve had in Kronobergs län, Sweden. You have given me turmoil in the shoes, thank you 🙂 As a circus horse that smells the sawdust 😀


    1. Shoe turmoil? Circus horses? Can I have a litre of whatever you’re drinking? lol 😀 Go for a hike my dear (in the nicest possible way of course)!


  2. LOL, sometimes I try to sound out the words. You’d get a good laugh listening to my Newfoundland accent (a 50:50 blend of Devonshire and Waterford–yes, it’s possible) pronouncing Norwegian. Lovely pictures.


    1. No doubt I would but Norskie’s actually quite sensible once you learn the pronunciation rules (which are a bit weird at first for English speakers). Tjørna = (something like) chern-uh. I imagine you learnt a bit of French at school so the ø sound is the same as soeur. Enjoy your Speak Norwegian in Five Minutes CD!!!!


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