Fløyen’s Frozen Forest

Sunday’s visit to Mount Fløyen and Skomakerdiket was notable for a very cold, biting wind which was cutting through the forests around the reservoir and all across the higher slopes.  Although there wasn’t much snow in evidence under the thick tree cover there were still some nice wintry scenes to be found…

Moss strewn trees stand in the bitter wind.
There was a bit more snow in the open areas around the lake but this didn’t deter a determined jogger.
The trees which ring the frozen lake look bleak under dark skies.
A small amount of snow had filtered down through the evergreen canopy.
The predominant colour though is still green thanks in no small measure to the amount of moss in the forest.
Even on this bitterly cold day there were still plenty of kids in the playground near the funicular station at the top of Fløyen.







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