Ice on Skomakerdiket

A cold, dry day yesterday gave me the chance to go to the Skomakerdiket reservoir atop Mount Fløyen.  This small lake sits several hundred feet up and is completely surrounded by forest with a path around it.  Even up here there wasn’t much in the way of snow but a bitterly cold wind meant it was definitely a winter’s day…

Skomakerdiket, covered in a thin sheet of ice, under a rather dark sky.
At one corner there’s a tiny stream exiting the reservoir.
A few metres away from the lake the stream is frozen solid.
Further into the forest there are some large icicles on a small rock face.
The largest was easily six feet (2m) in length.
Back up at the lake there’s a reminder that even though it’s frozen ‘the ice is not safe.’







17 thoughts on “Ice on Skomakerdiket

  1. The frozen stream is quite captivating. Here in South Australia it’s forecast to be 40˚C (104˚F) or more, every day for a week – no chance of freezing with that temperature!


  2. This must be paradise: a gifted photographer and a beautiful landscape.
    Seems like I should start learning Norwegian. A colleague of mine is moving to Norway in a few months…


  3. Hi,

    I’ve done the opposite of you and moved from Norway to Scotland, and now study in Glasgow and live in Stirling.

    Some beautiful photos of Norway on this blog, love it!

    Unlike your hunt for haggis on Burns’ Night, I have had no luck in finding brown cheese anywhere in Scotland but the search continues haha 🙂

    If you’d check out my blog about living in Scotland on, I’d be super happy!


    1. Hi,

      good to hear from you. Where in Norway are you from and where in Stirling so you live – I spent a couple of years in Stirling 😀

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying life in Scotland but I’ve no idea where you could find brown cheese in Scotland. Just mix fudge with cheddar!!!!

      Keep enjoying Scotland and I’ll keep enjoying Norway.




  4. I remember going there a few years ago, and the hilarious (but serious) sign still makes me laugh. I was there for New Year’s Eve and there was thick snow. It was like a magical winter landscape…but very, very cold.


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