On the Hunt

With today being the traditional Scottish festival of Burn’s Night, in honour of the famous poet Robert Burns, the day began with yours truly shaking off a good night’s sleep (for the first time this week) and, after a pint of Earl Grey tea, setting off through the streets of Bergen on the Great Haggis Hunt.  While this may seem to be a fruitless endeavour in Norway, I’m glad to report that the hunt ended in success after a journey to Danmarksplass in the less salubrious part of town and we enjoyed a lovely meal of haggis, neeps and tatties.  As un-Norwegian as it gets but I was a happy wee Scotsman…

A bright orange tram provides some much needed colour to the rather drab area around Danmarksplass.
An old cinema with half a neon sign is indicative of this area’s character.
A close-up of the cinema sign.
Cheap at half the price! Haggis on sale at Solheim Kjøtt for only 159kr per kilo.



16 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. Again, thank you! Loved the shot of Dansmarksplass. Great shots once again.

    Oh, and how strange that I too for the first time in about a week, finally got a good night’s sleep last night. So good in fact, I zonked out again today this afternoon. Whew.


    1. Depends if you get a clockwise Haggis or anti clockwise but I’m not sure the norskies are all that clued up aboot the vagaries o’ the Haggis. But as you rightly say my dear, they’re fly wee buggers. And a merry Bunnahabhain to you too! 😀


  2. Solheim Kjøtt! Danmarksplass! We used to live close by when I first moved to Norway seven years ago, and I walked there often. (We still travel over Fanafjellet to Solheim Kjøtt to get our meats and sausages.) Thank you for the memories – great photos!

    What would an American Expat wish a Scottish Expat for the occasion – Happy Burns Night? Have a great Festival? Happy Haggis Day? 🙂

    Whatever it is for you, I hope a genuine “Skål” from one expat to another in this beautiful country will suffice!


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