Two Ways

After yesterday’s brief walk through the cemetery at Møllendal I walked down to the bridge which crosses the stream just as it enters Store Lungegårdsvannet.  These two shots are in opposite directions from the bridge…

Looking upstream with some of the modern developments edging the river and, right in the centre of the shot, the trees of Møllendal Cemetery.
The view in the opposite direction over Store Lungegårdsvannet under a dark, brooding sky.

28 thoughts on “Two Ways

  1. Riktigt fint 😉

    And… darling, you’re unique too.
    Big hug and a big kiss to my favourite “tree”.


        1. Ha! I know the feeling. Very weird weather this winter this side of the pond and you’ve obviously got the same. A blogger from South west Scotland had pics up the other day of snowdrops already appearing in his garden ‘cos the mild winter has them fooled.


          1. We had almost two weeks of mild weather and in some gardens the crocuses started to appear. That did not last long though and neither did the flowers. We are back to -5 again today


    1. Thank you Lois. The sky was fairly dramatic to the naked eye but was a bit flattened out by the camera so a wee bit of HDR and bingo – spooky skies! 😀


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