After work today I took a wander through Møllendal cemetery a few yards from Haukeland University Hospital.  The cemetery itself is an oasis of calm and quiet just next to Bergen’s largest employer (the hospital) and several busy roads.  There is also a small stream running by one side of the graveyard which adds to its tranquility…

The cemetery is Bergen’s largest and stretches for several hundred yards/metres.
It’s divided into terraces by these attractive stone walls/embankments.
There are literally thousands of people buried here beneath a myriad of headstones.
The stream cascades down through a series of small cataracts at one side of the cemetery.





20 thoughts on “Møllendal

      1. Thank you, Mjollnir. I am leaning towards a second camera and it seems it is going to be a Nike. I don’t need fancy. I need a camera that takes phenomenal photos. Of course, it helps that the person behind the camera, knows a thing of two on how to take pictures. 🙂


    1. Cheers Maurice Saved the best until last I think on this post. I think we finally have some snow coming in the next few days but it’ll probably be gone by next weekend. At the moment I’m getting to work in the dark and coming home in twilight so not so good for the photography. The temps are down a little but still mild for so far north.


  1. It looks surprisingly like our cemeteries do… I’m not sure why I thought it should look different… lovely photos again!


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