We’ve had some slightly lower temperatures here in the last few days but still no sign of any decent snowfall.  Although the temperatures are still fairly mild for what Norway should be having at this time of year we’ve seen some thin ice forming on the local lake although it’s not very thick yet, but it means the edges of the lake are at least walkable if you’re careful.  These are a few shots I took this afternoon…

Moss on the trees and ice in the puddles.
Fallen branches in the icy creek bed.
Ice shapes at the edge of the lake.
The ice sheet is only perhaps an inch (2cm) thick.
A few autumn leaves are trapped in the ice.






13 thoughts on “Ice

    1. Well, we’re still waiting too. A wee bit of frost and ice is well short of what is expected here. I either want snow or to miss winter altogether! 😀


    1. Surprisingly it’s not Annie. The days are mild but it freezes at night. I actually spotted some new leaves and tiny flower buds today outside work (no camera though) and that’s four months ahead of schedule such is the mildness of the winter so far. 😀


    1. Hi Jim, nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind words and the follow. I’m just catching up after work today but I’ll definitely be along later in the day for a look.

      Slainte Mhath, Iain (although I use the moniker Mjollnir MacAlba – a combination of Old Norse and Scottish Gaelic!).


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