Homeward Bound

After yesterday’s quick trip to Nygårdsparken after work I walked to an area called Møhlenpris before taking the bus home.  Coming over the footbridge which crosses the main road into the centre I was able to catch a great view of a snowy Mount Ulriken from an unusual viewpoint before snapping a shot of the Puddefjord bridge…

Mount Ulriken framed by some of the colourful houses in Møhlenpris.
The Puddefjord Broen near sunset.



20 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Really like the first shot – love the way the fading sunlight is just catching the clouds, the snow on the mountain and adding warmth to the building on the left. It’s subtle, but it is effective.


    1. Thanks Mark. I liked the warmth those buildings in the foreground brought to an otherwise predominantly black and white image and of course the clouds. It’s also quite an unusual vantage point for a shot. I’ve seen many images of Ulriken similar to a lot I’ve shot before myself but not this one 😀


    1. Only half as awesome as you my lovely lady 😀

      PS Is there another adjective in the North American vocabulary.

      PPS Only teasing my sweetness! 😀


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