Winter Park

The last time I visited Nygårdsparken in central Bergen two or three months ago we had some lovely sunshine and the autumn colours, such as they were this year, were at their height.  A quick visit on the way home from work this afternoon revealed a quite different park from the colourful autumn one…

The thin covering of snow we had a few days ago remains in the park.
A wonderful covering of moss on a leafless tree.
The view across the valley to the ridge of Løvstakken during sunset.
Getting all arty with a vertical panorama from the park to the skies over Løvstakken.





25 thoughts on “Winter Park

  1. Lovely pictures!
    Guess what–the day you got snow it started raining here. Temps have stayed above zero and the rain has just kept falling. Most of the snow we had–and we had a lot–is gone. I don’t miss it at all.


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