City of Tiny Lights

One of my favourite views in Bergen is this one where the streets and houses climb up the side of Mount Fløyen in the dark.  Apologies to the late Mr Frank Zappa for the title…

Lights on the mountainside at night.

20 thoughts on “City of Tiny Lights

  1. Very beautiful image, with all these tiny lights. Gorgeous view too.

    And… I love Frank Zappa!! I started listening to him back in -89… and I still do.

    Tiny pillows
    Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny sheets
    Talkin’ bout the tiny cookies
    That the peoples eats
    Well city of tiny lites
    Maybe you should know
    That it’s over there
    In the tiny dirt somewhere


  2. And I thought Paris was the City of Lights. Silly me. I am sure Frank would forgive you. Now I’m humming Peaches en Regalia in his honor.


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