Today was back to normal after yesterday’s scare with the big shiny yellow ball in the sky.  Certain religious nutters claimed it was the sun (of a god?  lol) but those of us who have lived in Norway for a while know this was nothing but a crazy rumour.  Anyway, normal service has been resumed and there is no need to adjust your sets.

Bergen prides itself on being one the world’s most environmentally friendly cities but you could be fooled after viewing today’s photo, although the truth is that this is just air-conditioning/heating but to my tiny mind it does add some atmosphere (pun intended) to  a photo of the downtown skyline…

Røyking in Bergen – sort of…

10 thoughts on “Smoking

  1. One should never listen to crazy rumors…
    It has been snowing here today and we had some sunshine (the big yellow ball) too.

    And I promise, I won’t tease… I like this image and well… I can see some trees too. 😉


      1. Ha ha ha…

        I’m looking desperately to see the tree with a kilt … but I cannot see it anywhere!! You’ll have to mark the area where this very special tree is. 😉


  2. It just occurred to me that our cold weather and your warm weather may not be a random event. Could it be that the VERY cold air being pushed down my way is displacing the warmer moist air in your direction. You can send it back if you like.


  3. Were it within my powers I would give it some very serious consideration. STILL rainy, mild and most un-winterlike here I’m afraid. And very boring too. The wee man needs some weather!


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