The shot below is of the area of Bergen where I live.  It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing part of what is in general a lovely city, but it is representative of what occurred in Europe post-WWII.  ‘Modernist’ architects coupled with urban planning which knew few restraints in its desire to create the new built concrete wastelands which forgot only one thing – the people who had to live there.  Bergen, in this respect, fared far better than many places around the globe, not least my home city of Glasgow which has realised its mistakes and is, belatedly,  trying to salvage something from the mess.

Our suburb of Fyllingsdalen is a great place to live but beautiful it is not.  It is set at the foot of forested hills and mountains and is surrounded by large areas of traditional Norwegian housing so even the most rudimentary attempts at blending into the existing architecture and landscape would’ve produced something less utilitarian in terms of housing stock but I suppose hindsight is always 20-20.  Despite the above rant it kind of looks OK at night in HDR and given the fun I’ve had since moving here I wouldn’t swap it for many places on earth but that’s more down to the people than the area itself…

The view over the apartment blocks of Fyllingsdalen at night.



17 thoughts on “Neighbourhood

    1. It doesn’t look at all bad in the photo I must admit, and Fyllingsdalen is a great place to live. It just isn’t the prettiest neighbourhood in Bergen. Thanks Hanna 😀


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