December 2013

The last month of 2013 has been abysmal for photography.  It has rained almost incessantly, and still is as I’m writing this, so I haven’t been out and about half as much as I’d have liked.  We did have one decent snowfall and a couple of dry days but that’s about it.  Just as well I decided to do a review of the year!  Here is December such as it is, and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, followers and anyone else who stumbles across this a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2014…

The month started with a visit to a Street Art exhibition at USF in Bergen.
A few days later came our only significant snowfall of the winter so far.
The day after we also had some sunshine which showed off the snow at its finest.
A familiar view from the local lake was transformed after the snowfall.
This small creek looked magical in the snowy sunset.
The view outside the house was a wintry treat for all of 48 hours.
A couple of days later the snow was gone as this view of Møllendal cemetery shows.
A rare dry day saw me go down to a nearby river for some shots of the woods and water in winter.
Near sunset on the same small stream.
And then it was Christmas.
Xmas rush?
After a few beers the lights were a bit blurry!
At least the grandkids were in the festive spirit.



32 thoughts on “December 2013

  1. I’ve sure enjoyed your photographic recap of 2013 – your succinct comments are perfect. I especially appreciated seeing the sun through your photos again; it reminded me that all is not permanently dark and dreary in our (normally) beautiful area of the world. Godt Nyttår!


  2. Beautiful photographs, as usual! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

    Happy New Year, Mjollnir! May all JOY and Happiness come your way in 2014!

    Lady Pink


  3. The weather may have been abysmal but your photographic eye found its mark – so many great shots to commemorate this month. Have a fabulous Hogmanay. Expats we may be but with Scotland in our hearts we can expand our countrie’s borders around the globe.Here’s tae us and long may the uisge beatha flow in your blood.


  4. Happy New Year! And I’m with you about photography and bad December weather. I have almost only taken family photos this Christmas.


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